TV – More Home Grown Nature and Wildlife Programmes please

I love Nature and Wildlife immensely, after all, our future depends on most of it, so I’m always pleased to see any programmes coming along on TV about the subject.

deer knole park

However, with the exception of BBC’s Springwatch, Autumnwatch and sometimes integrated into The One Show, Countryfile and Coast, there’s a lack of dedicated programmes documenting the UK.
We are continuously offered programmes about Wildlife in other Continents, all be it they are brilliantly put together with great photography and commentary, but it would be nice sometimes to match air time with good old Great Britain.

Looking at the RSPB., Red Status (endangered) Bird Breeds are increasing. When you see such birds as the Starling, once such a common sight from our back windows and the Skylark with their beautiful song over meadows and fields in fear of being lost, it awakens you to the fact that things in many areas are pretty grim.
Within this we can highlight the fact that so many igrating birds often don’t even arrive here because of hunting policies in other countries, so we still get in the global situations.

This extends to all creatures; invertebrates, animals alike. Bees are on the decline and I am reminded of what Einstein was alleged to have said “If the Bee Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth, Man Would Only Have Four Years Left To Live”.

Awareness of the predicament, dangers and knowledge of these creatures ways of life can be highlighted so much through the Media.

Mankind is doing a very efficient job of ruining this Planet, our commercial greed through Industry has over the years provoked Climate Change and our need for new housing rather than improving our existing plus larger fields required for modern farming has rid so many species of homes and rest places.

By having a more dedicated TV Series to home grown nature, even if only a few people watch them will benefit. Word of mouth comes to mind ie “Did you watch that programme about Hedgehogs last night, even Badgers are eating them now because their food is getting fewer and further between’.

peacock butterfly

The media has phases, fashions for particular subjects. For about five years you couldn’t pick up a weekend National Paper without seeing articles on keeping chickens in the garden, now, that’s gone to be replaced by other fads.

Sure it all comes and goes, but I would ask the TV to promote more about our own back door wildlife. Keep the other Global nature programmes going, don’t substitute, add to and maybe, just maybe there’s a better future for our wildlife and sustainability through nature.

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