The abuse of Disabled Parking Spaces

The Supermarket Laziness

I can’t say I have any large halo over my head but in most circumstances I try to keep myself on the right side of the law, especially on the roads and anything to do with Cars.

This morning was a fine example, a quick trip to the local Supermarket to buy some bits. Just a few things, I’d be in and out of there within 5 minutes.
I drive into the Car Park, quite a few spaces available so parked within about 30 meters of the Store entrance.

abuse of disabled parking spaces

I walk towards the doors and alongside the Disabled Parking slots and sure as ever some young man arrives at speed with obvious zero respect there could be children or old people around, parks straight into one of the spaces, gets out and goes inside.
Needless to say, no Disabled Disc and the way he got out the car indicated most strongly that he was a lot fitter than me!

From seeing that I had a stroll along the allotted spaces. Out of 8 cars parked, only two had Discs. In other words six out of eight were not content in being respectable citizens and parking where I had with just a 30 meter walk, 35 meters at the most.

The problem is that no one ever seems to check this, no one ever approaches them, no one ever puts a sticker on their windscreen reminding them or come to that, fine them.

Railway Stations, Town Centre Car Parks are another matter, there you get the uniformed boys jumping on you. Fair enough, laws are there for a reason whether we agree with them or not.

Supermarkets though need to monitor this, they need to stamp down on it, from a PR point of view it makes the Companies seem they don’t care less about those who are not in such good health as they may be.
For a few years my daughter had a disabled disc. When I visited I’d often pop down to her local Superstore and sure enough, the same applied there.
Her way of dealing with it was simply to stop her car right behind a culprit, wait for them to come out with their shopping and give them an ear full.
Needless to say she got the usual verbal or they’d left the disc at home – often spoken whilst carrying five full plastic bags and looking like they’d just come out the Gym. More like sitting at home watching the telly!

I don’t wish ill health on anyone, but one day these culprits may themselves have a Disc. All I can say is if they do, I hope they find it difficult to find a space because some lazy oath can’t be bothered or play the game like most decent people do.

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