Instructions you can’t read

Reading the Small Print

It can happen at almost any age but with Seniors it’s more prominent…………finding it almost impossible to read.

small print on instructions

Going to the Supermarket

In we go and fancy buying something new and different. We wander over to the appropriate Section and find what appears to be a fairly nice dish; the picture on it looks good, the price is OK and being on a shelf at eye level, it indicates a popular dish.

How do we cook it or use it? We turn the packet over to be confronted with a type font of about 4pixels., It wouldn’t be difficult to make the type a bit larger, but this would obviously upset the Marketing boys who have spent their well paid time printing in 2″ high type things such as “NEW”, “Buy two, get one free” or other such eye catching words.

Upon getting it home we try our hardest but the 3 minutes looks like 5 minutes and everything’s burnt !

Technology and Electrical Items Instructions

This usually applies to such things as Camera’s, Mobile Telephones and Kitchen / Home Appliances in general.

After we’ve searched through the 287 pages of various languages and finally found our own native one whatever that may be, we are again confronted with small print, often translated poorly to boot.

If it hasn’t 287 pages it’s on a sheet 3 feet x 2 feet folded in 16 places, so if you do finally find the language you’re looking for, you place it somewhere only to lose the place where you were last at.

small print on packaging and food items

Magazines, Warranty’s, Terms and Conditions

Again, the marketing and Design boys of glossy Magazines get to their work with artistic merit in mind, they happily put yellow typing on light green backgrounds or a picture, too small a font again.

Warranty’s, Terms and Conditions are probably the smallest type fonts and often printed in light grey on a white background.

What can be done?

There are various ways of rectifying this…

1. Buy a Magnifying Glass and take it with you wherever you go
2. Only buy food with easy to read instructions, but this will reduce your diet by about 80%
3. Complain to them in writing ensuring you reduce the font on your word document to the smallest one possible – or biggest one possible!
4. Just don’t go out, buy anything and spend all day watching repeated repeats of just about every Buying and selling Houses programmes you can squeeze in!

I would just politely those who are responsible for packaging and formulating Instruction Leaflets etc. to think of other people’s eyes and not just their own !

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