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I wonder how many of us don’t know about where we came from, who our Ancestors were, what they did and where they lived and how we now, after our Parents, Gradparents and other relations have passed away, say “I wish I’d have asked”.

I’m very lucky to have mountains of photographs, letters, momento’s and more and these have been a Godsend to piecing together many parts of my family history.
Although I have many items from WW1 is was typical that the vast majority who served in that conflict never spoke about it. Certainly my Grandparents never did.

Fowler family c.1896
The Fowler Family c1896 (My Grandmothers side)

I’m sure a lot us have watched the BBC Series “Who do you think we are” where they trace back certain parts of a well known persons history and have respect for those who do all the research.
Some may feel they can do this because they have the knowledge, but truth be known, what their Researchers do is not that much more than we ourselves can do.

The best way to begin is to join Ancestry.Co.Uk. As I write the subscription is £13.99 per month or £119.99 per year.
By doing so you are gaining access from various Census records, Military, Parish Details, Marriage / Death Records, Ships Lists and much more.

Once you start off with a name, if that has a link you may find the person is on other peoples Family Trees.
By doing this I have re-found four second cousins and found two second cousins I never knew I had!

Genealogy is a bug, once you start you’re soon keyed in and what better activity to do on a rainy or cold Winter’s day!

Matthew Cannon and family c.1918
The Cannon family c.1908

Being we once had an Empire it’s also interesting to find how many of our families emigrated to other Countries. The World is our Oyster.

But the one thing which it has taught me is how little I knew and to make sure that I talk to my Grandchildren about my Youth, how we lived and how much things have changed.
I found the best way was when visiting the Grandchildren I wouldn’t tell them a bedside story, I’d tell them of an experience I’d had. They like nothing more than to hear some of your childhood slip ups and what you did with your Grandparents.

It’s a Hobby which involves little physical activity but if you like that it’s fascinating to go around to see if the houses your Ancestors lived in are still there.
Better still if you have WW1 material, visit the places where they were.
All be it often very emotional, it’s worth every inch of the trip.

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