Ticking Boxes in the Bucket List

Most seniors, or those just over 50 (mere youngsters!) at some stage get around to writing out a list of things they want to do before the Reaper comes banging at the door.
Personally I haven’t physically written anything down, it’s a bit close to writing out a Death Wish and there’s a fear that should you complete the list, what is there to do after that!!

Guru and Sadhus in Kathmandu

A recent Trip to Kathmandu

Then there’s the situation as to whether or not you start them as soon as you can, possibility ending up with a situation similar to above, or leaving it too late and not doing half of them.
On the presumption that no one knows what tomorrow brings, maybe it’s just best to carry on as normal and fitting them in where and when you can.

Most Box Ticking Lists comprise of either places in the World to visit or adventurous activities such as Paragliding, Cycling, driving a racing car around Silverstone, whatever.

Most places around the World are accessible to anyone at any age, the downfall being if they’re hilly places and the old knees are giving up a little or you have something wrong and the Insurance Policy is more a cost than the holiday itself!
In the health sense I guess a Parachute Jump when vertigo’s starting to kick in a bit may not be such a good idea either.

But a few boxes to tick will do no harm. I’ve completed my two big ones, I cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End when I was 63 and spent 16 days in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal this year, at 65 years of age.
Both were pretty plain sailing to be honest, I think one surprises oneself more than it does others who don’t give you half a chance on most things!

Today’s lifestyle and changes have opened up the World, no longer are most seeing Retirement as the final frontier, they are seeing it as an opening to ventures new, fun to be had, places to see and lot’s to do.
Subject to no nasties, our life expectancy is now 78 minimum and they reckon that one in four being born today will live to other 100 years old.

So in many ways, although we’re only here once, the autumn of our life doesn’t necessarily be the time when we’re ‘waiting for God’ !!

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