A flight to see Mount Everest

Many people have on their Bucket List ‘See Mount Everest’, well on a recent trip for which I had promised myself for some 60 odd years, I finally got to see it!

A few years ago I would have probably done the Everest Trek to get a ‘live’ close up view, but with my changing age combined with a few health issues plus the fact that over the years it has become a somewhat busy place to be I decided to view it from a Plane from Kathmandu.

My 3 minute video as featured on my See Kathmandu Web Site

The ‘Everest Mountain Flight’ as it’s known can be booked with two or three local Airlines, all flights start early morning at around 6am. when a clear view of the Himalayas is almost guaranteed.
Because of reputation and reliability I decided to go with Buddha Air.
I should say at this point that all Airlines are affected by Kathmandu Traffic Control and on almost any flight excluding International, delays are almost certain.
In the nicest way possibe, the Domestic Airport is somewhat chaotic, but see it as part of your holiday and enjoy passing any time just observing all the Nationalities who will be there. It’s quite eye opening!

nepal-everestThe flights last about an hour, taking off and heading north east directly to Everest.
It should be noted you can’t get that close to the Mountain, too perilous I think plus of course, it’s on the Chinese border.

You fly alongside the range and it’s not long before you see the grand summit towering above everything around it.
It doesn’t matter which side of the Plane you sit as they turn just after Everest and fly back exactly the same way.

On Buddha Air and I’m sure the same applies with all Airlines, you are invited to enter the flight deck for an even better view. This I must admit had me gulping, it was my dream!

So, if ever you visit Nepal, make sure you experience this. Any fear of flying soon goes when you see the magnificient peaks around you.

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