Make money at Boot Fairs

There are a few ways of making money at Boot Fairs involving both buying and selling.


This can be simply selling off stuff you no longer need, then either giving the rest away or simply dumping it !
Selling in stages, so lots of things to sell but staggering it over a few weeks, or months.
Re-selling items you may have purchased in a Charity Shop or selling for someone else with a bit of commission thrown in.

Boot Fairs UK

Buying to Sell

This is where a more steady income steps in where you buy things as cheap as possible then re-sell on ebay or other auction web sites.

Tips on selling

Many people arrive at a Boot Fair, put their stand up in no particular order, not price anything and take it from there
This can be good in so far as it makes people rummage around, but it can also be detrimental in respect that some may not see certain items you really want to sell plus one sale of one item could lead to a sale of anything else related.
As much as we may dislike ‘RETAIL’ and see Boot Fairs as something completely different, I’ve found my own Boot Fairs have been more successful when treating them in this manner.
This is what I do, you can agree to disagree !!

Price everything up. Many people are shy to ask how much an item is and you can get the ‘that’s a good price’ attitude and / or giving a base for bartering.
As the Fair progress’s, go through the marked items and mark them down, bit similar to a Supermarket at 6pm and the sell by dates that day.
Further still, say to yourself ‘do I really want to take this home’ – separate stuff and just say 50p each for everything on this table, or Boot even.
On items such as old Vinyl Albums, be aware. Almost every Boot Fair will have Collectors looking around and ready to snap up a bargain from an unsuspecting person. If you aren’t sure how much something is worth, then don’t mark that item and when asked how much it is, throw it back with how much will they pay. If it’s slightly more than you thought….it’s worth double that at least!!

Security – Be aware of ‘chancers’ when arriving. Some will flood the back of your car taking your attention away from the things which may be on your front seat and / or offering you silly amounts, be strong.

Tips on Buying

My favourite is to have a few coins of each demonination in my market. Bit naughty, but if someone says 70p, fumble around and pull out a 50p piece then say “Oh., only got 50p” !
Another one is to make an offer and hold out your hand to shake the deal. This may not be relevant on items of less than say £5 but over that, if for example something is £10, hold out your hand and say “£8 and it’s a deal”.
Some experienced Boot Fair Sellers will do the same !

No ones out to do someone out of money but it’s two way, they want to sell it, you want to buy it so meet somewhere in the middle.
Boot Fairs are for two kinds of people, those who want to sell and those who want to buy.

What ever, you are at least meeting people, giving yourself a challenge and not sitting at home looking at possible clutter you no longer need !

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