Handy Man and Oddjobbing Work

One thing us Seniors have in life is experience, over the years there isn’t much we haven’t done around the house either to improve or repair something.

There are many Professional Builders and other such Trades People who only like the bigger jobs, they want a weeks work, not the odd job here and there and it’s here we find a gap in the Market.

handy man work

There are many people both young and old who either don’t have the time or enough knowledge to do something. It can be as small as fixing a Shelf which has fallen down to decorating a single room.

I have two people who often call and ask if I have a few hours to spare because something’s broken or something needs doing. Over the years we’ve built up a super trusting relationship, it’s a kind of ‘win win’ situation; they’re getting the job done (fair enough much cheaper) and you’re putting money in the Bank for the occasional treat.

How much you do and what you do, is your decision. In my case, anything which seems too physical, I just say No….simple !

Another benefit is you’re not usually tied down to specific times, you work it around your life and not what a Boss demands with deadlines.
Sure it’s some and some with the prospective ‘customers’, but generally everything works well.

How much you want to do is also up to you. I’ve done jobs which have taken me three weeks for the same person I’ve done jobs for which have taken me thirty minutes !

Try new things

One other thing I’d add is that you don’t have to just stick to what you know. I was asked two years ago to Ceramic Tile a Bathroom, something I’d never done before. I just said I hadn’t but if they were willing, I’d start off and see how I went.
As it happens I found I’d found a new skill at 65 and did a pretty good job although I say so myself.

handy man working

There are many things we’ve done in life which can now be used to an advantage. People like Handy Men or Women, someone they can phone up, trust and have a good chin wag whilst you’re there with.

What you charge is between the customer and yourself, but do it for nothing !!

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