Urban Environmental Nightmare

Sustainability, Green, environmentally friendly, re-cycling etc. are all the in words nowadays and to be fair, they should be. If we don’t take care of our Planet, there won’t be one in a few hundred years time.
Many may take the attitude of “I don’t care, I won’t be around”, but their childrens children and their’s will be!

The problem is that to do all these things we have to work under those headings, add to that good old health and safety and the whole thing is becoming a bit of a mess.

I’d like to go into more the visual environment of our Urban Streets where once pretty rows of Terraced Houses were adorned with a neat flowered front garden and the only thing on the roof was the odd soot stain.

Terraced houses in urban streets - environment

These houses were built for the age in which they were with no Cars, no TV’s, no Telephones and a rubbish disposal system which did not include the likes of plastic wrappings, Pizza Boxes, old electrical goods and more.

All the above are more or less essential for modern living and somehow those living in these houses have to adapt accordingly. Let’s take it in turn..


Most Terraced Houses don’t have a rear entrance nor do they afford space to have a Garage, so what happens? Away goes the garden fence, the once Lawn and borders are covered in Concrete and the kerbside is lowered to equip us somewhere to put the Vehicle thus giving others who can’t afford to do that less space on the road to park themselves!
Then comes the problem of those families who have two cars!!!

Satellite Dishes

If the Satellite these are being aimed at is at the front of the House, we end up with these things cluttered up along the road; some white, some black, some ten feet above the ground, some 30 feet etc.
I find it hard to believe that someone hasn’t come up with a solution to cover this up a bit. I understand there are more camouflaged types, but at a price.

Rubbish Bins

Safe and ‘green’ recycling of rubbish is a must, but those living in these houses don’t all have easy accss to the rear of their property and you can understand it if they don’t wish to trudge through the house with that lot!
So, these get added to the pile of stuff in the front as well

The saddest thing of all is that semi-detached and detached house owners who have a Garage, a large front garden and a side gate to the back, do as above, when there’s no need to.
They’re the ones I have a moan about!

So, what is the answer, it’s difficult. Certainly local Councils need to get their heads together, there’s this attitude, especially with waste disposal, of “We’ll sell it off to a private Company and let them sort it out”, there’s not enough strategy in town planning for the public who do not make an effort to at least keep their own front gardens (if they haveone) in better visual condition, they should be fined with the money set aside specifically for making things better.

What worries me is what it’s all going to look like in another 20 years ! I shall save the appearance of Solar Panels for another article!

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