Using a Garden Shed as an Office

Ever wanted an Office but been put off with the cost of 20 Grand Home Extensions or alterations to existing room?

Here’s a solution for an Office for less than probably £300 – buy a Garden Shed and convert it into your very own Man or Woman Cave !

convert a Shed into an Office
Mine’s an 8 feet x 6 feet

The Advantages of an Office in the Garden

You can position where you want with the best access and view
You’re away from indoor distractions like other peoples noise or Pets pestering you for food every five minutes!
It’s your own place and escape
Because of the compact size, by using energy efficient lighting and Heat you are keeping costs to a minimum

Ways to save money (How I made mine)

The Work Tops are an old Hardboard Door
Shelving and Units are old Kitchen Units (Wall Units are better as they take up less space on the depth)
The Carpet is a remnant
The Window is an old Double Glazed Unit found in a Skip

Inside a shed converted to an office


Needless to say Garden Shed theft is quite common nowadays so putting up defences is a must. Here’s some ideas

Buy a Shed without a Window and make one yourself small enough so it’s hard for someone to climb in.
Put Plasterboard board up on the inside, thieves won’t just try access through a door, they can remove the panels.
Put a good Alarm system in, the noisier the better
Make it appear as if it’s just an odds and ends storage space.
I’ve put a PIR light which comes on inside when the door is opened. It blinds you, certainly give them a shock if nothing else!
Put a Wireless Camera inside which will record to another PC remotely.
If possible surround with loose gravel, they don’t like noisy ground surfaces.
Grow uninviting plants such as Holly or anything with spikes on the branches.
Make sure everything’s insured.

Of course, you may need two – one for Him and one for Her !!

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