Growing your own Vegetables

In this age of Supermarkets churning out more or less factory farmed vegetables, although they tell you where it came from, they won’t show pictures of the greenhoused / polytunneled acres and some of the fertilizer they put on it.

Presuming you have a garden, the best way to counter this, know where your food is coming from and growing it in a more personal, responsible way, you’re getting the very best.
Plus of course, it’s a good hobby, a taste of frsh air and by pacing yourself to whatever size Patch you may decide to have, it’s physically good as well.

Vegetable patch

I guess it was a left over from ‘Dig for Victory’ in WW2., but my Grandfather had a huge vegetable plot. He grew enough for himself, my family which totalled seven and half the neighbourhood as well I think.
The vision of him tending to his crops wearing a sports jacket, shirt and tie remains with forever. In fact, he inspired me to do the same some many years later.
The culture back then was to grow more than you needed, you would get as much as possible and swap with neighbours.

Although very troubled times, we were actually at our fitted during WW2 solely because we lived more off the Land and couldn’t get many things we liked such as Sugar (not so many rich fattening cakes around!!).

So the theory that we need a large space for Vegetable growing is not so, you can get quite sufficient amounts from a very small area, if you have a Greenhouse then grow inside that, even in Pots on a Balcony.
No matter where you are, food can be grown.

vegetable from the garden

Examples of Vegetable growing ways

I use the ‘Three Sisters’ method – in an area of about 12 feet x 6 feet I grow Sweet Corn, Courgettes and French Beans together.
This American born system goes by the facts that Courgettes spread out so sunlight doesn’t get to the soil thus preventing Weeds, French Beans climb up the Sweet Corn and the Sweet Corn takes good nourishment from the other two.

In an area 8 feet x 4 feet I grow 12 Runner Bean Plants and in the middle have Beetroots and Onions growing.

Carrots can easily be grown in Pots, Tomatoes in Pots or Gro Bags.

On the above, an area of 20 feet x six feet supplies me with the main Vegetables for around ten months of the year.
I also grow Onions, Broad Beans and various Salad plants in the Greenhouse.

If space is tight, a very good book is Square Foot Gardening by Mel Barthomomew. Another good idea for looking at how people do it is to visit an Allotment, a wide range of methods!

Save money, know your food, enjoy eating your own – enjoy growing your own !

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