Working ’til we drop!

Some people want to work beyond retirement age, some want to work whilst their health holds out and some want to work until they drop! But some want to retire at the given age they were allowed to up until a few years ago.

The Government of the time took it upon themselves to throw upon us an extra two or three years work before we could retire and seek other options in our new chapter of life.

Bikers in retirement

Enjoying Retirement whilst you’ve still got your health and spirit of adventure

It seems to me it was more about getting a quick buck than it was to make us all fall over with total joy and agreement.
By doing what they have they have basically saved themselves two or three years of paying out pensions to all those who were expecting it!
I’m sure we all know someone who had plans which were then scuppered at a stroke.

Although I have total respect for those who want to work, I have just as much for those who don’t; they’ve worked hard all their lifes, paid their dues and looking forward to putting their feet up with a few hundred £’s a month coming in to make things a bit more comfortable.
Sure some haven’t been in a situation to take out private pensions in their careers and to go from earning a steady salary one week to maybe half that amount overnight isn’t easy.

The other thing I’d like to bring in is somewhat morbid, so I’m sorry!
That is how many times do we watch the News and hear of someone passing away in their late 60′s, even friends, neighbours and family.
For a woman, if they’d retired at 60 they’d have got a few more years in than they would retiring at the new 63!
The average age is now up into the 80′s. That’s great, but that’s an average age made up of those who have left us younger or older.

‘Old age’ isn’t about a great few final years, it’s more about how long your health’s going to hold out.
It’s all well and good saying I may go on until I’m 90., but the body may not be able to do the things you’d like it to since you were 70.
Things get more urgent, do things whilst you have the health to do it.

Well, writing this won’t do anyone any good, it’s not going to change anything but at least I’ve got it off my chest.
I would just suggest that when Governments do get a brainwave and start ‘assuming’ what people want, they should ask first rather than simply think about the cost of caring for their loyal Citizens.

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