Night foot cramps? A bar of soap!

You’ve had a busy day in the garden, you’ve worn those smart shoes you only wear twice a year, you’ve been crouching a lot, then you go to bed and have a restless night with repeating toe and / or foot cramps?
Maybe part of the ageing process, maybe not, annoying just the same.

It’s one of those things which can often be quite irregular, one of those things we don’t want to bother the Doctor about and even when we do we’re usually fobbed off with “Well, we’re not getting any younger are we”.
To be fair, we’ll usually get some Quinine and that may well sort it out for a while.

Bar of soap for night foot and toe cramps

I suffered from this quite a bit usually after gardening or cycling. I’d go to bed feeling good and after a few minutes feel the toes starting to go. This ends up with one trying to squash the foot against the wall, contorting oneself to pull the inflicted toe or getting up to stroll around for a while only to wake up a couple of hours later with the same thing.
Plus of course, it’s not doing your relationship with your partner much good either !

A friend suggested to me an old wives tale of putting a bar of soap at the end of the bed by my feet, either on top of the sheet or below it to stop it from going over to one side of the bed and falling off.
I tried it and after only the third night, the cramps disappeared altogether and only once have I had them again in over three years.

There is no scientific explanation, some say it’s all in the mind and other’s think you’re just getting a bit doddery as the years roll on.
But it worked for me.

I decided to share this on a very active Forum I belong to. From the replies I found the condition to be more common than I thought, several people tried it and low and behold….it worked for them as well.

Here’s one reply..
I tried the soap and ‘thought’ it worked. Now I am positive it worked. We went away a couple of weeks ago and whilst away number one daughter decided to strip all the beds which was very nice of her, but…………she forgot to put my bar of soap back under the sheet.

Now I didnt know this and have been plagued by night cramps since coming home. Went to strip the beds last week and bar of soap nowhere to be seen. So it all added up re me having night cramps and it could not have been all in my head as I didnt know it wasnt there and I dont care whether you all think I am a wacky old woman either now, so there!

Believe it or not, it’s worth a try !!

Disclaimer – Many things could be a sign of an underlying condition. If in any doubt what so ever, consult your Doctor

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