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“Going a bit grey on top”. Many others and myself prefer to call this ‘silver’ as in silver surfers and silver being a valuable entity !

I retired from a good job on the Railway at the age of 52.
After watching many self-sufficiency type programmes, reading books and a few domestic ups and downs I felt that escaping the rat race seemed to be the best idea.


Some years on and upon reaching pensionable age I made it, all be it with a few scraps with the Bank in between.
Those years of ‘getting on a bit’ though taught me how to earn extra money, maintain a good lifestyle and generally have a good time, all of which I’ve taken with me.

Now I’m ‘retired’ though nothing much has changed with the exception of more physical goings on; I do handy man work, small gardening jobs and House Sit to bring in the extra coins for a half decent holiday every year.
Luckily I still have health left to do this and really, that’s the point – it’s not about old age, it’s about giving life all you’ve got whilst you’ve still got it.

All people are good at categorizing people and post retirement, to others we’re either ‘getting on a bit’ > ‘old’ or ‘very old’. The number of actual years are nothing though, it’s what we can or can’t do that determines our ‘category’.

I started this web site way back in about 2005 and to be honest, it didn’t work! So freshly in to 2015 I decided to wipe the board clean and start again.

I hope the Catgeories and articles will be of interest. Although it’s maybe more directed at those with silver tops, many of it can refer to those of a much younger demeanour or those just looking in to see what us ‘older people’ or miserable old gits get up to !

Cheers, Dicky

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